Men who went out west and created trails for people to follow.
Mountain men
The belief that the U.S. should settle land all the way to the Pacific Ocean in order to spread democracy.
Manifest Destiny
This general demanded that the new settlers of Texas covert to Catholicism, learn Spanish, and free their slaves.
Santa Anna
Was controlled by Spanish for 100 years.
He was active in the antislavery movement in the 1820s.
Benjamin Lundy
A person or animal that lives in or occupies a place.
A supreme ruler.
He was a soldier and politician and he dies at the Battle of the Alamo.
Davey Crockett
With the nickname Buck, he was a lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army.
William Travis
He was an American pioneer who died at the Battle of the Alamo.
Jim Bowie
A military operation in which the enemy surrounds the building or fort you are in and keeps you from getting supplies.
This was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.
San Jacinto
A covered wagon that people stacked supplies in when traveling the the late 1800s.
A period of continuous, heavy gunfire.
The troops stationed in a fortress or town to defend it.
Send off to a destination or for a purpose.
He was a military figure of the Texas revolution and helped establish the independence of Texas.
Juan Seguin
He was a military officer in Mexican Texas.
Rafael Manchola
Person who leaves his or her country to live elsewhere.
A Texan of Latin America, often Mexican or of Mexican descent.
A Texan of Latin America, often Mexican or of Mexican descent.