A chemical that is taken to cause changes in a person's body or behavior is called ________
A drug that slows brain and body reactions is called ________.
A policy that enforces strict consequences for underage drinking is called ________.
zero-tolerance policy
The process that creates alcohol, in which microorganisms called yeast feed on sugars is called ________.
The state in which a person's mental and physical abilities are impaired by alcohol or another substance is called ________.
A period of time that an intoxicated person cannot recall is called ________.
The charge given to a driver over 21 caught driving with a BAC that exceeds 0.08 percent, or to a driver under the age of 21 with any detectable BAC is called ________.
The consequence of taking an excessive amount of a drug that leads to coma or death is called ________.
The consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol in one sitting is called ________.
binge drinking
The condition that results when the brain develops a chemical need for a drug and cannot live without it is called ________.
This product is placed between the lower lip and teeth or is sniffed. A smokeless tobacco product that consists or moist powder is called ________.
A type of drug that increases the activity of the nervous system is called ________.
A dark, sticky, substance that forms when tobacco burns is called ________.
A poisonous, colorless, and odorless gas produced when substances are burned is called ________.
carbon monoxide
A disease is that results in gradual loss of lung function is called ________.
A disorder in which a damaged alveoli in the lungs can no longer take in adequate oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide this disorder is called ________.
White patches on the tongue or lining of the mouth that may be cancerous is called is called ________.
An extremely addictive chemical in tobacco products is called ________.
Smoke that is exhaled by a smoker's lungs is called ________.
mainstream smoke
A combination of mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke; also known as environmental tobacco smoke is called ________.
secondhand smoke
another name is "acid" the drug is called ________.
another word for marijuana is called ________.
A medicine that is sold legally in pharmacies and in other stores without a doctor's prescription___________.
An unwanted physical or mental effect caused by a drug is called ________.
side effect
An illegal opiate made from morphine in a labatory is called ________.
synthetic drugs that are similar to hormone testosterone is called ________.
anabolic steroids
A legal drug that helps the body fight injury, illness, or disease is called ________.
other names are "crank, crystals, or ice" and is more powerful amphetamines is called ________.
Drugs that first gained popularity in dance clubs and raves is called ________.
club drugs
A breathable chemical vapor that produces mind-altering effects is called ________.

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