One of the explorers of the Louisiana purchase who "commited suicicide".
The other explorer of the Louisianna purchase
The president in 1800
Thomas Jefferson
Fourth president of America
James Madison
The non american settlers of Texas
The founder of the first colony in Texas
Moses Austin
The son of the founder of the first colony in Texas
Stephen Austin
Which battle did the texans win which won them independance
San Jacinto
What type of state was Texas once it was brought into te United States?
Slave State
The place of the first battle of the Texas Revolution
The Alamo
First president of the Lonestar Republic
Sam Houston
One of the famous men in the battle of the Alamo that was an amazing knife fighter
Jim Bowie
Another famous man from the battle of the Alamo who was a famed frontiersman and former congressman
David Crockett
The Alamo is near what present day city?
San Antonio
The band of 32 volunteers that came to support the men in the Alamo came from what city?
The military general staioned on the Alamo before its capture
Martin Cos
The military general that captured the Alamo from the rebels
Santa Anna
David Crockett sent a letter to who before he died at the Alamo
Who did Sam Houston send a letter to when he found out of the Alamo's fall
J.W. Franklin
Who gave the speech at the burial of the men who died at the Alamo
Juan Seguin