A class in a horse show where riders go for speed and not hitting jumps
A class in horse shows that a rider goes for style and beauty over jumps
A specific color of horse where horse has small "flea" dots and a whitish coat
Fleabitten Grey
When a horse jumps a jump with significant space in between their legs and the jump
A person who helps take care of horses at show and prepare them for their classes
A jumping class where the fences are very large and are based off of speed and not hitting fences
Grand Prix
A old sport where a large group of people on horseback chase a group of dogs following a trail of prey
The male gender of a horse which can be bred
A certain type of attachment to a bridle that applies bit pressure and poll pressure to the hores
Draw Reins
A type of jump that has a large spread
A specific type of mare that is used just for breeding
A equine sport in which a rider goes through dance like movements with the horse as a team
When a foal is taken away from its mother and can survive by itself it is considered
A person at an auction who buys all unsold horses and brings them to be slaughtered
Kill Buyer
A large building where hundreds of horses are sold
Auction House

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