***This is something that was a major burden on Amir and held him back from true, total happiness in his life even 25 years later, despite publishing a novel and marrying the woman he loved.
***This bond between Amir and Soraya was an important support system built around trust, acceptance and mutual respect.
***This is something that Amir desperately longed for from Baba, both as a child and adult.
****Amir's journey for ____ suggests that an individual will encounter many obstacles while trying to get revenge and closure, and ultimately will discover that he/she may receive freedom and relief after coming to terms with both the past, and present.
****Khaled Hosseini suggests through Amir's act of _____ to Hassan when they were children that a person's guilt will haunt them no matter how far they move, or how much time passes; a person must find a way to fix their mistake in order to live free from guilt.
****The Kite Runner suggests through Amir's search for _____ from himself and Hassan, that one must be willing to make up for their mistakes in order to achieve closure.
**This was an important setting in 2001 Kabul as it emphasized the tragic, unjust reality of the Afghan youth in comparison to how the children lived when Amir was young.
**This American city is where Baba and Amir moved to after war struck in Afghanistan, and adapted to some Western ways of living while also keeping with traditional values and routines.
*This is a strength that Sohrab displayed by standing up to Assef with a slingshot to defend Amir, one that he and Hassan, his late father, had in common.
*Baba's ____ was seen by the refugees in the fuel tank after he stood up for a woman he did not know, and was willing to risk his life for her.
*This characteristic was found in Hassan as he stuck by Amir both as a friend and a trustworthy kite runner, and in Rahim Khan as he remained friends with Baba no matter what.
**This is the city in which Hassan and Amir spent their childhood, and retrieved both good and bad memories from it.
The name of the protagonist that struggles to forgive himself, and move on from the past.
The name of the ethnic group in Afghanistan that suffers under the class system, and is mistreated by others.
This was Ali's role in Baba's home, along with being a life-long friend.
This tears Afghanistan apart for decades and leads to the destruction of Amir's childhood, as he visits and witnesses the empty streets and buildings.
This is a weapon both Hassan and Sohrab pointed at Assef, showing their similar trait of courage.
"_____ of Kabul" was written by Amir and Hassan on the special pomegranate tree, and acts as an sign of their innocence and early childhood.
Amir becomes a published ____ in the U.S, successfully achieving his dream since he began writing stories when he was little.
This man was a loyal, lifelong friend of Baba, and a mentor and believer of Amir.

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