What is the name of the sandwich shop located below 221B?
John Watson's middle name?
What is Moriarty's alias in The Reichenbach Fall?
The name of the Crime Syndicate in the Blind Banker?
What is Lestrade's real first name?
"... And Honey, you should see me ________________." (3 words)
"________________, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street."
What note was left on an apple?
"I don't have friends; I've just _______." (2 words)?
What is the name of the perfume Sherlock smells while in Charles Magnussen's office?
What proof was there that the Lost Vermeer painting a fake?
What is the name of the hospital Molly Hooper works for? (2 words)
Don’t make people into __________, John. _________ don’t exist. And if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them." (same word)
What is written on the USB Mary gives John that reveals her true identity?
Name of the car company that will help you fake your death?
Where did Project HOUND originate?
"Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned _________________"
Who is known as "The Woman"?

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