Camera Parts Word Search
Word Search

Focal plane indicator
Aperture priority
Red eye reduction
Shutter priority
Shutter button
Flash hot shoe
Dioptric Knob
Creative auto
Lens release
Flash on off
Flash button
View Finder
Cross keys
LCD screen
Live view
Main Dial
Mode dial
AF point
AE lock

Photography 101 Word Search

Photography 101 Word Search
Word Search

Depth of Field
Wide Angle
F Stop

Study Guide Photo Crossword

Study Guide Photo  Crossword

How many pixels in a mega pixel?
What are the quick keys for changing brush size?
Using photoshop, how can you duplicate a part of a photograph?
What tool lets you select size and resolution for an image?
Web photos need to be?
A common lossy file format
The sensitivity of the image sensor
A term for the difference between light and dark tones. Useful in defining your subject.
A typical aperture setting used for a shallow depth of field
This instrument is used to bounce light onto a subject
Camera setting: Aperture Priority Mode
Camera setting: Shutter Priority Mode
Camera setting: Manual Mode
SLR stands for
A one legged tripod called
allows the flash to pop up and fire when its needed
a good ISO setting for night shots
Changes the amount of color in an image
The fitting on top of a camera that holds a small accessory such as a flash
Leading lines lead the eye to the subject
From a certain Point Of View
When a photo is stretched to large it becomes?
What do digital cameras record images onto?
Less light makes an image___in a digital camera

CTE Crossword

CTE Crossword

collects and bends light to focus the image on the sensor
sees the same as your eye sees
the screen that shows the images you just shot
best file format for internet screen display
The retina of the eye is reflected by the camera flash
Digital single lens reflex camera
The space from the tip of a person's nose to edge of the frame
A device to measure light intensity
The uncompressed original file format of a digital camera
From a certain Point Of View
Composition principle that uses lines to lead the viewer to the main point of interest
Used to control the principal amount of light on a subject
allows the flash to pop up and fire when its needed
a subjects eyes would turn red when using a flash if they were this color
lens is most versatile allowing multiple focal lengths
for outdoor portraits with harsh shadows
use this if your flash is producing too harsh or flat light
storage devices
storage devices
storage devices
most convenient for taking photos on vacation
Programmed Exposure mode sets the aperture and shutter speed automatically, but not the flash or ISO
Uses the camera lens to physically (not digitally) magnify the image.
Miniature representations of pictures. Used by photographers on a proof sheet.
When the camera automatically adjusts for lighting and focus with no manual controls
Caused when light reflects off the lens element in the lens barrel
Too much light hitting the image sensor
Useful Photoshop tool for working on skin blemishes
A digital distortion, often square and blocky, usually unintended.
When a digital sample is enlarged to the point that square pixels are noticeable
graph that measures all tones in an image
makes selections in form of a shape
snaps to the highest contrasting edge near your cursor
is not a color correction
controls the amount of motion blur in the image
Green AUTO indication is for ____setting

Photography Terms Crossword

Photography Terms Crossword

composition rule
What does pixel stand for
drawing with light
Camera Obscura
sometimes called f-number
exposure time
charge-coupled device
Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor
clarity of an image
single-lens reflex
digital single-lens reflex
simplest camera possible
way to correct for improper exposure
best lighting technique
Slow Shutter speeds are often called _________shutter speeds
traditional or ________ photography
main light in 3-point lighting
is a measure of light sensitivity
International Standards Organisation
Aperture value
Unposed pictures of people, often taken without the subject's knowledge
The available natural light completely surrounding a subject
The pleasing arrangement of the elements within a scene
A storage medium that is used by most digital cameras
The area between the camera and the principal subject.
One individual picture on a roll of film

Camera functions Word Search

Camera functions Word Search
Word Search


SLR Word Search

SLR  Word Search
Word Search

image stabilization
single lens reflex
sellect autofocus
electronic level
continuous shot
noise reduction
depth of field
image playback
creative mode
picture style
reading speed
shutter speed
touch shutter
white balance
lens contact
touch screen
drive modes
lcd monitor
view finder
scene mode
self timer
live view
lens kit
AE lock

Digital Photography: Terms Review Crossword

Digital Photography: Terms Review Crossword

The size of the opening in the lens determining the depth of focus.
A graph that helps illustrate the dark, light, and color values captured by the camera sensor.
A setting that helps determine how sensitive your camera is to light
Two words used to describe a type of photograph that is taken using a slow shutter speed to achieve artistic blur.
This mode is ideal because it allows you to control all aspects of shooting quality.
A common problem seen in under lit images with an ISO that is too high.
This file format is best for true photographers to shoot in because it preserves the highest quality without
Better photo compositions can be achieved when an image is divided into 3 parts horizontally and vertically.
This setting determines how long or short your cameras capture time is.
This eye-opening allows you to preview your image.
The screen on the back of your camera that allows you to view settings and preview images.
A setting you'll need to adjust based on the temperature of your light source.
Your camera's storage.
A common image file type that is universally readable but does not preserve all captured image data.
This determines the sharpness of an object based on the adjustment made directly to the lens.
An idea that suggests a subject's nose should be pointed toward the empty space in the frame.
A discipline of photography that emphasizes detail normally not recognized.
A discipline of photography that focuses on an individual and captures their essences.
A phrase that often appears as an acronym and the name to which we give the type of cameras we use in this class.

Camera Parts & Functions 1 Crossword

Camera Parts & Functions 1 Crossword

What control is used to turn the camera on and off?
What is the area on the camera body where one should place their right hand to hold the camera securely?
What control allows the photographer to select the basic or creative program function?
What setting takes into account how sensitive the camera sensor is to the lighting conditions?
When on AF (Scene Intelligent Auto), what item will pop up to add more light should the camera sense there is a need for additional lighting?
What function will allow control of how fast the shutter opens and closes?
What control engages focus when pressed halfway and causes the camera to take the picture when pressed all the way when the camera is in AF?
What camera part will light up and emit a fast beep two seconds prior to taking the picture?
What is the internal, reflective surface that bounces light up into the pentaprism and viewfinder?
What index should be reviewed to make sure the lens is being attached correctly to the camera body?
What do the electrical contacts inside the camera opening and along the lens rim allow the camera and lens to do?
When using a wired remote control, the input for the control plug into the camera can be found behind what?
What is the control on top of the camera body where an external flash can be attached called?
What internal process enables sound to be captured?
When using the close-up mode, the minimum focusing distance is measured from the ___________ to the subject.
When using manual mode on the mode dial and the lens, what button is pressed to open the built-in flash?

Parts of the Camera Body Crossword

Parts of the Camera Body Crossword

What is the light-tight box that protects the film from exposure?
What are the series of convex and concave-shaped glass elements that produce an undistorted image on the film plane?
What is the mechanism that, when pushed, causes the focal plane shutter to open and expose film?
What is the part that advances the film onto the take-up spool?
What controls the speed at which the shutter opens and closes?
What is the reference to the speed of film?
What is the device that holds the flash and sends a signal to the flash unit to fire when the shutter button is pressed (also called a hot shoe)?
What is the part that holds the film firmly in the film compartment while the film advance lever advances the film and rewinds it back into the cassette after all frames have been exposed?
What is the item that releases the lock that holds the lens in place, allowing lenses to be changed?
What is the button that causes the aperture to stop down to the indicated f/stop (not all cameras have this)?
What is the cord connecting the flash to the camera to electronically cause the flash unit to fire when the shutter button is pushed?
What is the release for the camera back lock mechanism so that film can be loaded or unloaded?
What I she section that holds unexposed film cassette?
What is the small window on camera that allows viewing and framing the scene?
What is the mechanism that opens to expose the film when the shutter button is pushed and closes after the exposure is made?
What guides the film onto the take-up spool?
What is the spool onto which exposed film is advanced and stored until the roll is finished and rewound back into the cassette?
What releases the take-up spool, allowing the film to be rewound into the cassette?

Intro to Photography Crossword

Intro to Photography Crossword

The amount of light that the camera records on the film, or digital sensor, which determines how bright or dark the image is.
When a picture is too bright, it is called ____________ exposed.
When a picture is too dark, it is called _____________ exposed.
Film speed, or __________, describes how sensitive the camera is to the light that falls on it.
The ________________ determines how much light gets into the camera and depends on how long the hole is open.
The ________________ values determine how large the hole is that lets light into the camera.
The Shutter Speed determines our ability to ________________.
The Aperture controls out ______________________.
The ISO determines how _________________ the picture is.
Use ISO 400 in ____________________.
Use ISO 800 at __________________ or ________________.
In this mode, we choose the aperture and the camera chooses the shutter speed, allowing us to control Depth of Field.
In this mode, we choose the shutter speed and the camera chooses the correct aperture, allowing us to stop the action.
In __________ mode, you press the shutter release half way down and the camera focuses, allowing you to recompose the image without changing focus.
In _________ mode, the camera continues to track the subject, staying in focus even if the subject's distance changes.
This lens is between 16-55mm
This lens is between 16-35mm
This lens is between 45-60mm
This lens is between 70-300mm
What a lense's angle of view is, or how much in zooms in or out.