Suzy has gone to the dark side and will be performing here along with Mark and the kids in May.
Away Charles flew over Labor Day weekend to join Aloft Circus Arts located in his new home, AKA "The Windy City".
Turning 15 1/2 marks the inevitable which means Phillip is looking forward to earning this in the spring.
William celebrated another milestone in June by completing his degree at UC Riverside.
Andrew's newest passion in addition to finding creative ways to perform and make money is rock climbing which can be done at a gym or in this location.
In addition to his day job, Mark continues to go to this airport location to provide flight physicals for pilots.
This famous San Diego point of interest was the employer for the performing Keidel's, William, Charles, and Andrew during this past summer.
Elizabeth has found a new outlet for her rhythmic self.
Suzy, Phillip, and Elizabeth were able to travel along with Mary (Suzy's sister) during this time to visit Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh to see Aunt Betty (104 years young!).
Andrew on the big bass, Phillip on the baritone, and Elizabeth on the flute keep this art form alive in our house.