Where did the newlyweds have their first date?
Italian Restaurant
What month did they begin dating?
Where did Blake propose at?
What is the couple's favorite T.V. show?
Game of Thrones
Where did Blake ask Emily out at?
East Hall
What was Blake's major in college?
Political science
What university did the newlyweds attend?
What high school did they attend?
What is Blake's favorite color?
What is Emily'S favorite color?
What is Blake's job?
What is Emily's job?
Intelligence analyst
What kind of dog does the couple want?
Where is the couple honeymooning?
What city is the couple moving to?
What is the bride's favorite food?
What is the groom's favorite food?
What is the couple's favorite movie?
How many times did Blake have to ask Emily out?
Who is the maid of honor?
Rachel Hynds
Who is the best man?
Jared Payne
What is the bride's middle name?
What is the groom's middle name?
What country does the couple dream of visiting?
South Africa
What season did the couple get engaged?
How many children do the couple want?
What was Emily's major in college?
Where was Emily born?
Where was Blake born?
What is the bride's second language?
What is the groom's second language?
What has gathered us here today?

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