What is the one thing standing in the way of Rachel?
The old, bearded Italian man was known for his harsh critiques that made everyone around him uneasy
The opposite of capitalism
While in San Diego, a woman said great fortune was coming my way
Who is blinded on what the pearl can provide that he can not see the destruction it brings?
Ashley was sitting in the corner of a classroom waiting for the torture to be over.
Women in America in the late 1900s, or even now, feel they have no voice or say
Who does Brady see himself as?
It took me years to build the confidence to swim easily in the water
What was the same constant hypercritical phrase used over and over by the animal government?
All animals are equal
What was the object Kino wanted to protect the pearl rather than his family?
Theodore likes classical music while Cody likes rock music
The amazonian women were strong, smart and beautiful women who live among each other
What is the reaction of the town, Hillsboro to the Cates's teachings?
Isaiah had all the girls in school wrapped around his finger.
What is something we can never achieve but we aspire to create based on the unfairness of human nature.
What was played to represent what is to come good/ bad according to Kino's security throughout the story?
Once the newest Fantastic Four was released, the critics butchered it for its eighty minutes of claustrophobic mess
After the disaster, it was me and a few others who survived: all of us were unfit to lead and make a whole new world again.
Hector could not even be in the same room as the daddy long legs spider
Who were the catalyst to every innocent death including Coyotito's?
Pearl Buyers
The Protestants were arrested for trying account of murder of the Catholic queen
coup d' etat
Claire's stomach shifted after she ate the two week old sushi from the fridge
What is something Hillsboro is lacking?
What is the biggest struggle these conservative townspeople had to come face with?
Ty was so attracted to his mirror, his parents finally decided to look for professional help
How does Squealer use language to gain social control over the farm?
What is the reason for the diversity that the animals put themselves through?
self segregation
In my class, we learned about cell reproduction
What is material is twisted and contorted to an object of evil?

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