The pentacle or pentagram was commonly misinterpreted as being used for devil worship when in fact is symbolized the worship of _____.
Jacques Sauniere was the head of a legendary organization known as __________________.
The Priory of Sion
Saunier hid clues in _________________, Sophie's favourite painting.
The Vetruvian Man
Captain Bezu Fache of the French Judicial Police was commonly referred to as ________ by his familiars.
The Bull
The number 1.618 or PHI was significant in that it was a symbol of ____________________.
The Divine Proportion
Langdon believes that the name for the Mona Lisa is derived from the ancient civilization of ______'s God and Godess of fertility.
What phrase is left by Saunier as a clue and anagram for another Da Vinci painting, The Madonna of Rocks?
So Dark the Con of Man
Bishop Aringarosa meets with the Pope at _______________, the Pope's summer residence.
Castel Gandolfo
The ancient brotherhood of knights known as The Priory of Sion once guarded what incredible secret?
The Holy Grail
The albino Silas follows his own mantra beleiving that "Pain is good", with what device does he inflict this pain upon himself with?
Sophie and Robert are smuggled out of the Swiss bank past French officials by _______________, the bank's president.
Andre Vernet
What are the set of numbers that marked Sauniers account in the Swiss bank known as?
The Fibonacci Sequence
The ______ was an invention of Leonardo Davinci's used to transport messages in a secure method over long distances.
What is the name of Sir Leigh Teabing's residence located in Versailles?
Chateau Villette
As Langdon and Teabing explain to Sophie, the Holy Grail is not a series of documents but in fact a woman, hidden in Da Vinci's famous painting of The Last Supper. Who is this woman?
Mary Magdalene
The poem, inscribed on the back of the box retrived from Sauniere's bank vault, is decoded using what subsequent code?
The Atbash Cipher
What was the ritual that Sophie witnessed her grandfather participating in?
Hieros Gamos
What ingriediant does The Teacher use to poison Remy with?
Peanut dust
Robert and Sophie discover that the final clue to the location of The Grail is hidden in the tomb of which Holy Knight?
Sir Isaac Newton
In his desperate attempt to flee the police, who does Silas fatally injure?
Bishop Aringarosa
The myserious Teacher is revealed to be _____________.
Leigh Teabing
Sophie's bloodline is revealed to be ____________, descendants of the blood line of Jesus and Mary.
Where do Sophie and Robert agree to meet at the end of the novel?
In the end, after deciphering Jacques Sauniere's final poem, Robert discovers what he believes to be the location of The Grail. Where is it?
The Louvre

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