Who issued the Emancipation Proclamation
The first battle of the Civil War
Fort Sumter
What addresses the equal protection and rights of former slaves
Fourteenth Amendment
What cannot deny the right to vote based of race, color, or previous condition of slacvery
Fifteenth Amendment
General of the north who dissuaded from battle
Lincoln's speech
Gettysburg address
Legendary general of Confederate Army
Robert Lee
Abolished slavery
Thirteenth Amendment
18th president of the US
Ulysses Grant
President Lincoln made this
Emancipation Proclamtion
First Battle that lost a life
Bull Run
Lincoln suspended this
Habeas Corpus
Confederate prisoner of war camp
Battle that was also known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing
Turning point of Civil War
Battle that happened Wednesday, September 17 1862
17th president
Andrew Johnson
War strategist for Confederates
Jefferson Davis
Thought god told him to kill slavery supporters
John Brown
Shot a guy at Ford's Theater
A town and a building where southners surrendered
Stonewall was the only casualty
Savannah Campaign
March to Sea
Best known Confederate general after Robert Lee
Thomas Jackson
First state to secede
South Carolina
Vital stronghold on the Mississippi
Businessman, educator, author, and a Union general
William Sherman
"Draft Week"
NYC draft riots
Gave Lincoln the power of military commison
Ex parte Milligan
Battle of Hampton Roads
Monitor v Merrimack