Killed in a theater
Abraham Lincoln
largest Confederate military prison
Became president aftre Lincoln's assassination
Andrew Johnson
AKA Battle of Sharpsburg, Union Victory
Last engagement of Civil War
Appomattox Court House
First major battle of Civil War
Bull Run
Robert E. Lee's greatest victory
executive order issued by Lincoln in 1863
Emancipation Proclamation
Supreme Court ruling involving trials
EX PArte Milligan
granted African American men the right to vote
fifteenth amendment
first "battle" of the Civil War
Fort Sumter
granted newly-freed slaves citizenship
fourteenth amendment
Organized the army of the Potomac
George McClellan
battle that served as a turning point
famous speech by Lincoln
Gettysburg Address
used to review the legality of a person's arrest
Habeas Corpus
president of the Confederacy
Jefferson Davis
radical abolitionist who led raid on Harper's Ferry
John Brown
killed Lincoln
John Wilkes Booth
AKA "The Savannah Campaign", conducted through Georgia
March to the Sea
naval engagement at Hampton Roads, Virginia
Monitor v Merrimack
violent disturbances in lower Manhattan due to working-class discontent
New York City Draft Riot
Comanded Confederate army of North Virginia
Robert E Lee
Major battle fought in Southwestern Tennesee, Union Victory
occured immediately after and was due to Lincoln being elected president
South Carolina Secedes
abolished slavery
thirteenth amendment
one of the South's most successful generals
Thomas StoneWall Jackson
Commanding General of Union, 18th President
Ulysses S Grant
essentially split Confederacy in two, allowed Union control of the Mississippi
led the "March to the Sea"
William Tecumseh Sherman

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