who were the ones fighting against Anton. His family because Anton's dad was fighting against them in war and so was his uncle
This place is a place where the russians, Americans, and other people were fighting for. They say that no one knows why they were fighting for this place but they said it must have been a special place
South Pacific
This question is a little boy that lost his Dad because he went off to South Pacific. He also lost his uncle and his cousin wants to go and fight but grandma wont let him fight
These guys are also fighting but they are fighting for Ukraine. They say that Ukraine must be valuable because these guys are fighting endlessley
These people were a part of Germans and Hitler is their leader. These people are trying to take Anton's family away
These are the people that got destroyed by the Germans. Anton thought that the fighting was getting close so he was hoping his father was their
Polish Army
This is a place where the Germans patroled hard. This is a place where the Germans got most of their victims
This guy was Anton's uncle who he had met after a war that came back. He is kind of the man if the house since Anton's Dad is gone
Uncle Dmitri
This is the uncle that stayed home and wanted to go to war but his grandmother and his mother forbiddened it. He also had a hard time of keeping his mouth shut so often he had to keep puting potatoes in his mouth to keep quiet
Uncle Pavel
This is the women who didn't like going to war so she forbid a uncle to. She also hates watching or sitting back and watches someone gets bit to death
This is a food that really had to eat ever night. This is what uncle pavel has to put his mouth to keep his mouth shut.
this is a thing that when Anton sneaks out he has to keep away from. They use it to see if anyone is trying to sneak away or get out.
These are people that Germans captured most the time. When they captured them they either interrogated them or killed them but more than likely killed them.
This is a guy that went out and tried to get prisoners. He is a guy that didn't know that if they caught him his family would go to a prison camp
Von Duesen
This guy was a mad man he hated Christians and jews. He started a war and his army was stronger than ever.
This is a very deadly weapon that Hitler used against his enemies. He used it to scare people and to kill people especially prisoners or Jews.
This is a very valuable place they say because the Germans, the United States,and the Russians are fighting over. They don't stop fighting over so their is no victory.
This is a place were they helped get the prisoners out. They used it because they wanted to get the prisoners out so they could try to end it.
This is another person who doesn't like the idea of sitting back and waiting. She doesn't like when Hitler kills people with the dogs he trains
Anton's mother
These two countries teamed up on Germany. They thought even tho they teamed up they were going to get destroyed anyway.
Russians and Americans

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