To refuse to buy from a company.
The rights of all individuals to participate equally in their communities
civil rights
integrating black people and white people into the same facility,school, or place of business
Laws that enforced the separation of black and white people
Jim Crow Laws
referred to as KKK, a extremely racist group that believes in supremacy of white people over others
Ku Klux Klan
An international prized awarded each year in chemistry, physics; physics,economics,medicine and peace promotion
Nobel prize
An African American woman known for refusing to give her seat on the bus to a white man.
Rosa Parks
The belief that people of one skin color are better than people of another skin color
The practice of separating blacks and whites.
A common and effective way to challenge segregationist businesses
A law that the court system decides violates the rules and procedures of the consitution
An Afican American man who is known for fighting for equal school systems for black kids in Brown vns board of education
Thurgood Marshall
One of the greatest leaders in the civil rights movement known for encouraging peaceful protests.
Martin Luther king jr
The name of Martin Luther King JR's popular speech dealing with unequal black treatment
I Have a Dream
A time when African Americans fought for equality through mainly peaceful protests
Civil rights movement