limiting the amount of a product you could purchase including sugar, coffee, meat, oil, gas and shoes.
americans were encouraged to grow their own food, they were called...
victory gardens
these were sold in attempt to help pay for the war
War bonds
this stabilized prices and wages in order to keep inflation down
office of price administration
the gov't paid a comapany toe make a product with a guaranteed percentage of the cost as profit
cost plus contracts
the symbol of the working women of the 40's
rosie riveter
the distinguished director of the WAACS
Oveta Culp Hobby
the first women to be trained to fly military aircraft
the movement of african americans from the south to the major cities of the North and West
Great migration
prevented discrimination based on race or creed for the government or defense jobs
executive order of 8802
distinguished african american airplane pilots
tuskegee aimen
the highest ranking african americans in the U.S. Army
benjamin O Davis
Great Britain, U.S. and the Soviet Union
Germany, Japan and Italy
Axis Powers
A German general, also known as "Desert Fox"
Erwin Rommel
German elite group of soldiers in North Africa
Afrika Korps
A British general
Bernard Montgomery
A well-known U.S. general who was later demoted
George Patton
supreme Commander of the Allied Forces and planner of D-Day.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
the allies were able to chase the Germans out of North Africa during this turning oint in the war
El Alamein
durng this, the Allied Forces planned to step up the bombing in Germany and attack Sicily
Casablanca Conference
Part of the Allies strategy was an invasion of France to drive the Germans out. Gen, Eisenhower planned D-Day.
operation Overlord
the success here led to the fall of Berlin
Battle of the Bulge
This city is liberated from the Germans on Aug. 25, 1944.
Drove the Germans out of France and set up for the final capture of Germany