whats relating to or affecting?
he was the v- p for thomas jefferson?
Aron burr
he tried to convience house of reps that jefferson is going to be a good pres?
Alexander hamilton
he was the president in 1800?
thomas jefferson
when adams was able to appont as many federalist judges as he could?
judiciary act of 1801
leadear of the federalist party in VA?
john marshal
named justice of peace?
william marbury
interpreting constitution?
judicial review
leader of the haitian revolution?
toussaint l'ouverture
the purchase pres.jefferson made?
louisiana purchase
corps of discovery?
lewis and clark expediton
she was a shoshone women?
an explore of the arkansas river?
zebulen pike
taking military or naval men by force?
where not able to trade with any other country?
embargo act of 1807
an indian who wants to unite the indian tribes?
he was the leader of the lake erie battle?
oliver hazard perry
made star spangle banner song ?
francis scott key
signed after the new orleans battle?
treaty of gheat