Where can the citiesof New Amsterdam and Georgetown be found?
What river forms the western border of Suriname?
This Guiana is an overseas region of France
This Guiana is now called Suriname
Dutch Guyana
This Guiana is now called Venezuela
Spanish Guyana
What country is sometimes called The Land of Emeralds?
Where can blue poison frogsbe found?
The British Forest
Reason the king demanded Mr Longitude and Mr Latitude's map?
Lost City of Gold must stay lost
what is codswallop?
what does Guiana mean?
Land of many waters
What is row?
A noisy argument
What large lake is in northern Venezuela?
Lake Mopitcalo
Are Angel Falls in eatern or western Venezuela?
Eastern Venezuela
With what country in Central America does Colombia share a border?
Central American & Panama
Cargena is on what sea?
Caribbean Sea

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