1.1 Who was the 1st researcher who isolated morphine from opium in 1805?
Friedrich Serturner
1.2 Which word is derived from two Greek words: pharmakon, which means "medicine", and logos, which means "study"?
1.2 What class of antibiotics are useful in the treatment of many infectious diseases, for example endocarditis, which helps minimize valvular damage. Caution must be used, because this class of antibiotic can cause inner ear toxicity and neuromuscular impairment (esp. if furosemide is administered at the same time).
1.3 Which term is concerned with the 'prevention' of disease and treatment of suffering?
1.3 Which term is the application of drugs for the purpose of 'treating' diseases and alleviating human suffering?
1.4 Drugs/medications, Complementary and alternative medicine therapies (CAM), and WHAT ELSE are the three general categories which substances applied for therapeutic purposes fall into?
A what, is a chemical agent capable of producing biologic responses within the body?
After a drug is administered, it is called a what?
1.4 Which therapeutic approach involves natural plant extracts, herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc.?
CAM therapies
1.5 Which term is used to refer to the way a drug works at the molecular, tissue, or body system level?
pharmacologic classification
1.5 Which drug classification lowers the plasma volume?
Which drug classification dilates peripheral blood vessels?
1.5 What term is used to describe the well-understood drug model with which other drugs in its representative class are compared? For example, by knowing the effects of penicillin V, students can extend this knowledge to the other drugs in the penicillin class of antibiotics.
prototype drug
1.6 Tylenol is considered a __________ name?
1.6 Acetaminophen is considered a ______ name?
1.7 Patients prefer to take what kind of drugs, because they are easy to obtain, no appointment or prescription needed, and are cheap?
1.8 What source is provided by the FDA for searching out drug products by active ingredients, trade name, generic equivalents, and the manufacturer?
Orange Book
1.8 What term is the physiological ability of the drug to reach its target cells and produce its effect?
1.9 What term is a subdiscipline of health economics, which has helped institutions involving broader application of a particular type of drug therapy?