What are we to bear for each other as in Gal. 6:2?
What do we have that passes all understanding as in Phil. 4:7 & Eph. 6:23 no matter what is going on in our lives?
When we are going through rough times the best thing to do is pray and do as the psalmist said in Ps. 1:2.
The hardest time to get through is, as the psalmist said when we are weeping, which is when, according to Ps. 30:5?
And as the psalmist said in the 32nd Psalm, in the 7th verse, the Lord will encompass us with His care because He is our refuge when we need Him most, our place for doing what?
As a child turns to his parents for love, understanding and another vital thing, we find in II Cor. 1:4 & 7:6, that we get this from our heavenly Father. What is it?
This we do accordig to Romans 5:2 knowing that we have hope that these present troubles will one day be over.
We can continue on in faith, no matter what because Paul admonishes us in his letter to the Galatians in chapter 6:9, that if we do not faint in doing well we will one day do what with this that we sew?
II Corinthians 13:11 is a powerful verse that tells us more about God's comfort and peace but also, along with Gal. 2:20 and john 3:16 it tells us why and how God and His Son were able to do so very much for us and will hold us up through our trials. What is that deep feeling they have for us?
And again in Psalm 30:5 weeping happens in the night but what comes in the morning?
In Psalm 149:5, God tells us no matter our circumstances to sing and be what?