America gave over $12 billion to aid Western Europe
Marshall Plan
a competition between nations to decide who has the better weapons
Arms Race
He was Vice President for FDR and became President when FDR passed away
Harry Truman
its destructive power comes from the rapid release of nuclear energy by fission
Atomic Bomb
a state of hostility between countries
Cold War
the rounding up and deportation of several hundred immigrants of radicals
Red Scare
a temporary increase in the birth rate
Baby Boom
to live in the city means to live in the ______
a device that you can watch moving images on with the sound
satellite placed into orbit by the Soviets
the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy
the easing of hostility
King of Rock and Roll
a type of music with a hevy beat and a simple melody
Rock and Roll
the profession of producing advertisements for commercial products
military alliance of communist nations in eastern Europe organizied in 1955
Warsaw Pact
competition between nations regarding space exploration
Space Race
its destructive power comes from the release of energy during nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes
Hydrogen Bomb
national barrier seperating former Soviet bloc and the West prior to the decline of communism
Iron Curtain
theory that a political event in one country causes similar events in neighboring countries
Domino Theory