what is the name of this book?
Phineas Gage
What part of the brain can you survive with if it gets hurt?
Frontal Lobe
What is a crane for lifting heavy objects
One celled microorganism
caused by a disruption of the normal electrical patterns in the brain
What stabbed Phineas in the Head?
Tamping iron
What is a severe bacterial infection?
What is a nerve cell that transmits electrical messages
What is a swollen pocket in tissue where dead bacteria and immune cells collect during an infection?
What is a dead body donated dissection?
what is a seizure disorder caused by breakdowns?
what is the part of the cortex on the side of the head?
temporal lobe
what is the part on the back of the head?
occipital lobe
what is the middle portion of the cortex at the top of the head?
parietal lobe
What is the bottom part of the brain that is connected to the spinal cord?
Brain stem