The distance that transfer energy and travels through a medium and sometimes in a vacuum
When particles move back & forth , it is said to vibrate
The point at which a wave has its maximum amplitude
Measurement of how fast a wave travels or how many waves pass per second
Wave speed
The point at which a wave has its minimum amplitude
The line in which a transverse wave would be flat or have no amplitude
Resting line
A physical environment in which phenomena occur
The number of waves that pass a point per second
The amount time it takes for a particle to complete one complete cycle and return to the same relative position
The standard unit of frequency
A wave that must have a medium to travel through they can't travel through empty space or a vacuum
Mechanical wave
In a transverse wave the particle displacement is perpendicular to the direction the wave is traveling
Transverse wave
The points at which a wave intersect with the resting line and has zero amplitude