The pressure that a column of air exerts on the air, or surface, below it
air pressure
What do you call the amount of water vapor in the air?
A _______ is a boundary between two air masses.
A violent, whirling column of air in contact with the ground.
A line that connects all places on a map where pressure has the same value.
What is a set of weather measurements made on Earth's surface?
Surface report
A description of wind, temperature, and humidity conditions above Earth's surface
Upper air report
What is a violent winter storm called?
A ________ is an intense tropical storm.
A large body of circulating air with high pressure at its center and lower pressure outside of the system
High pressure system
Atmospheric conditions, along with short -term changes, of a certain place at a certain time.
What is it called when the air is fully saturated?
Dew point
A detailed computer program that solves a set of complex mathematical formulas.
Computer model
_____ _____ is a large body of air with distinct temperature and moist characteristics.
Air mass
A large body of circulating air with low pressure at the center.
Low pressure system
What is water in liquid or solid form, that falls from the atmosphere?
The amount of water vapor present in the air compared to the maximum amount.
Relative humidity
A series of natural processes in which water continually moves among oceans, land, and the atmosphere.
Water cycle