Refers to the words the characters speak, or lines.
words the characters sing in the show.
Indicates the notes and timing for the songs.
Describes the setting and important physical action performed by the characters.
Stage directions
Includes dialogue, lyrics, and stage directions.
Area where actors perform for an audience.
where the audience sits to watch the performance.
anything on the stage within view of the audience.
anything outside the view of the audience.
entire area off and behind the stage.
areas to the side of the stage just out of the audience's view.
the entire physical environment onstage.
when you stand in the center of the stage
when you face the house, the area behind you
when you face the audience, the area to your left
stage left
when you face the audience, the area to the right.
the person who oversees the budget, calendar, and staffing.
the person who provides the artistic vision for the show and coordinates all of the creative elements.
creates and teaches the dances.
coordinates the construction and painting of the sets, the hanging of the lights and the set-up of the sound system.
technical director

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