Discovered that the sun was the center of the universe.
A system of questioning and testing a thesis to achieve a desired outcome.
Scientific Method
Philosopher stating that the only purpose for government was to protect and defend the right to life, liberty and property
John Locke
Society is ruled based on a social contract by which citizens are guaranteed individual liberty and governments rule based on the general will of all.
Provided a model explaining the forces that keep planets in orbit
Isaac Newton
Author of the idea of checks and balances or separation of power...checking the authority of a monarch.
Defender of religious intolerance and torture.
Found three primary rights: 1. personal security 2. personal liberty 3. right to private property
william blackstone
author of the religious idea of predestination
john calvin
Chemist discovering the mass or volume of gases
Scientist who discovered and explain the circulatory system
william harvey
Author of a document arguing that all people are treated equally regardless of their birth, class, or status, which inspires oppressed people around the world
thomas jefferson
Argues that all men are selfish and must submit to the authority of a government.