An Organization in which the global viewpoint supersedes national Issues
transnational organization
The chinese practice of building networks for social exchange
a managr who works in a country othr than her or his home country
Expatriate manager
a cultural orientation in which people belong to loose social frameworks and their primary concern is for themselves and their familes
a cultural orientation in which individuals belong to to tightly knot social frameworks and depend strongly on extended families or clans
The degree to which a culture accepts unequal distribution of power
power distance
the degree to which a culture tolerates ambiguity and uncertainty
uncertainty avoidance
a cultural orienation in which assertiveness and materialism are valued
a cultural oreintation in which relatonships and concern for others are valued
whether a culture's values are oriented toward the future (long-term orientation) or towards the past and present (short-term orientation)
time orientation
all forms of difference among individuals, including culture, gender, age, ability, religion, personality, social status, and sexual orientation
a transparent barrier that keep women from rising above a certain level in organization
glass ceiling
an ethical theory that empahsizes the consequences or result of behavior
consequential theory
an ethical theory that emphasizes the character of the act itself rather than its effects
rule-based theory
an ethical theory that emphasizes the character, personal virtues, and intent of the individual
character theory
The fairness of outcomes that individuals receive in an organization
distributive justice
The fairness of the process by which outcomes are allocated in an organization
procedural justice
an employee who informs authorities of the wrongdoings of her or his company or coworkers
The obligation of an organization to behave ethically in its social enviroment
social responsibility