Famous actor, who is one of my favorites who has a daughter named Ella Rae
Mark Wahlburg
A favorite Disney movie featuring a redheaded sister and her many sea friends
Little Mermaid
Walinda had a chance to be trained to become this in mississippi
Walindas hands down favorite pasttime
Walinda's favorite car
One of walindsas favorite animals that just happen to be amazing swimmers
Wallnda wanted to be this when she grew up for a long time
Walinda wanted to become this when she grew up (in elementary school) but wasnt smart enough
Walinda has raised these winged creatures
What does walinda love to do on clear nights
Favorite water exercise; not swimming
Favorite "Aftrican American" male actor
My very first concert before chantel was born in oak harbor "God Bless the USA"
One of my favorite female actresses
Another one of my favorite female actresses
I wanted to go to college to become this all through high school
Also great swimmers and they live much longer than humans, and also one of my favorite animals
Have also always wanted to become this throughout my life
Military Police K9Unit
Favorite Dog movie when i was little
Homeward Bound
Favorite Dinosaur Moive when I was little
Name of Walinda's Business
Where does Walinda want to work at the most
Animal/Wildlife Santuary
Which Band will be here in a couple months that I really really want to see?
Bring me the horizon
How many kids does Walinda want to have someday?
Favorite books that mom and dad read to me growing up?
Favorite movie to watch at Bob and Jeanie's growing up?
The Bear
What color does Walinda want her wedding theme to be?
Black and Purple
What is Walinda's favoirte tree from Mississippi?
Favorite Scent
First movie ever saw in theaters
Beauty and the Beast
First Rated R movie I saw in theaters (with mom in Japan)
Disected this sea creature in 8th grade and still have the paper I wrote my name with its ink with
Disected these in middle school; owls do these instead of poop
What has Walinda qualified for that she is really excited about?
I had a crush on this kid most of my growing up years: from Man of the House, I'll be Home for Christmas, Home Improvement, Walking Across Egypt and The Lion King
Johnathan Taylor Thomas
Favorite Disney movie featuring a fox and a bear stealing money back from a cowardly lion and giving it back to the poor
Played this sport one summer between middle school and high school and was really good
Wanted to play this sport in kindergarden

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