Used to measure in mL increments and good for mixing chemicals together
Elmer Flask
Used to pick up beakers when they are heated
Beaker Tongs
Used to measure in mL increments &good for mixing chemicals together
Used to measure the kinetic energy of a substance
Used to hold test tubes when they are heated
Test Tube Tongs
Used to direct water to clean out test tubes/viles
Squirt Bottle
Used to mix chemicals together
Glass Stirring Rod
Used to store and drop fluids where they need to be
Used to measure fluids in smaller increments
Graduated Cylinder
Used to measure suspended masses
Spring Scale
Used to measure the amount of voltage in an electrical system as well as resistance
Volt Meter
Used to observe and grow specimens
Petri Dish
Used to mix dry, paste ,pr liquid ingredients so to get at them easily
Watch Glass
Used to view elevation on contour maps
Used to magnify objects 4 or 10 times that the naked eye
Magnifying Glass
Used to drop or take away fluids to get exact measurements
Used to get very precise measurements of masses
Digital Scale
Used to mix chemicals together, can be used with a stopper
Test Tube/Vile
Used to measure masses with masses applied to the other plateform
Used to measure masses with counter weights
Triple Beam Balance
Used to measure lengths up to 300 mm, 30 cm, 3 dm, or 12 inches
Used to measure lengths up to 1000mm,100cm,0r 39.3 inches
Meter Stick
Used to get fluids and dry chemicals in smaller opening containers
Used to determine acidity in soil
pH Meter
Used to make and find angles