What is the layer of gasses surrounding the earth?
What is the solid layer around earth?
What is the biogeochemical cycle that contains all of the water in solid, liquid and gas form?
What is the zone around earth where life can exist?
This consists of all living organisms and their physical and chemical environment.
Consists of living things, their remains and features.
biotic factors
Consists of non-living physical and chemical components of an ecosystem.
abiotic factors
Definition-An ecosystem that is maintained through natural processes.
sustainable ecosystem
What is the ability to maintain an ecological balance?
Definition-Energy that travels through empty space.
radiant energy
What are visible forms of radiant energy called?
light energy
What is the form of energy transferred during heating or cooling?
thermal energy
What is the process in which the Sun's radiant energy is converted into chemical energy.
What is an organism that can produce its own food called?
Definition-The process by which sugar is converted into carbon dioxide, water and energy.
cellular respiration
what are a group of organisms called that obtain their energy through consuming other organisms?
What is the function a species serves in its ecosystem called?
Ecological niche
What is the definition of organisms, each feeding on the next, showing how energy is transferred from one organism to another?
food chain
Definition-A representation of the feeding relationships within a community.
food web
What is the level of an organism in an ecosystem depending on its feeding position along a food chain?
trophic level
What could be used as a representation of energy, numbers, or biomass relationships in ecosystems?
ecological pyramid
What is the mass of living organisms in a given area?
Definition-The movement of matter through the biotic and abiotic environment.
biogeochemical cycle
What is the series of processes that cycle water through the environment?
The biogeochemical cycle that has to deal with an element in the periodic table that has an atomic mass of 12
Carbon Cycle
What is the biogeochemical cycle in which the seventh element on the periodic table is moved through the the biotic and abiotic environment?
nitrogen cycle
Any factor that restricts the size of a population is called a?
limiting factor
The abiotic conditions in which a species can survive
tolerance range
Definition-The maximum population size of a particular species that a given ecosystem can sustain
carrying capacity
What is a large geographical region defined by climate?
What is a body of water that is low in nutrients called?
Definition-A body of water that is rich in nutrients
Definition-The land area drained by a particular river