When two plates rub against each other.
Scientific theory that states that there are plates on the Earth's surface that move.
theory of plate tectonics
These are the large pieces that are broken from the Earths surface, they float over the asthenosphere.
tectonic plates
This is when all the continents were one, sometimes called the supercontinent.
This is the only liquid layer of Earth that surrounds the inner core.
outer core
These are dense plates that make up the ocean floor and are very thin.
oceanic plate
Consists of these tectonic plates Juan de Fuco Plate, Nazca Plate, Philippine Plate, Caribbean Plate, Scotia Plate, Arabian Plate, and Cocos Plate.
minor tectonic plate
This is the thickest layer of the Earth that surrounds the core and is mostly solid.
Consists of these tectonic plates Eurasian Plate, North American Plate, South American Plate, Pacific Plate, African Plate, Australian Plate, Antarctic Plate, and Indian Plate.
major tectonic plates
This is the outermost layer of the earth that consists of the crust and some of the solid upper mantle.
This is the innermost layer of the earth, it is a sphere with hot solid metal.
inner core
When two tectonic plates move away from each other.
divergent plate
This is a layer of the Earth that surrounds the Earth's surface and is solid.
When two tectonic plates push together and collide.
convergent plate
When hot material from the mantle gets hot and rises then gets cold and sinks, this cycle repeats.
convection currents
These are thick plates that form continent, less dense then oceanic plates.
continental plate
This is a thin, semi-solid layer in the upper mantle, where plates of the lithosphere float/slide.