An American foreign policy to stop Soviet imperialism during the Cold War
Truman Doctrine
A defense strategy by John Kennedy in 1961
Flexible Response
An American government accused of being a Soviet spy
Alger Hiss
The promotion of fear of a potential rise of communism or radical leftism
red scare
A 20th century competition between two cold war rivals
Space Race
A US federal law
Internal security act
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Treaty of friendship, and cooperation
Warsaw Pact
A media stereotype prevalent throughout the 1950s
Having rules or laws
An outlying district of a city.
The president's principal forum for considering national security
National Security Council
The Tripartote Agression
Suez Crisis
U-2 gets shot down by the Soviets
U-2 Incident
A country thats near Asia and has a population of 1.381billion
A state in East Asia
A politution who lead the Soviet Union during the cold war
Nikita Khrushchev
American singer
Elvis Presley
A certain genre of music
Rock N Roll
33rd president
Harry Truman