African American who lead the Selma to Montgomery march
16 president of the U.S
Abraham Lincoln
African American who was arrested for not getting off the bus
Right to vote that can't be denied
15 amendment
To be treated like everyone else
Act of making a strong public expression or disagreement
Anti-Black Laws
Jim Crow Laws
March in Selma January 22, 1905 that caused a lot of deaths
Bloody Sunday
Chemical weapon causing skin irritation, vomiting, and pain
Tear Gas
express and objection to what someone has said or done
A law passed at the time of the civil rights movement
Voting Rights
The enforced separation of different racial groups in a country community or establishment
The action or process of integrating
Eliminated literacy test that had stop African Americans from voting
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Can not be taken away or denied
Unalienable Rights