The buoyant force of an object in water equal to the weight of fluid
Archimedes principal
The pressure is high when velocity is low
Bernoullis principle
Temperature in which a substance changes from liquid to gas
Boiling point
Decreasing the volume in gas then increases the pressure gas exerts
Boyles law
The upward force of fluid on an object
Buoyant force
The volume of gas increases as temperature increases
Charles law
The change of gas in its state to liquid
A solid material having a regular form characteristic of given element
Change of liquid state to gas
Temperature which makes a liquid change to solid
Freezing point
State of something that doesn't have shape or volume
The energy needed to change a solid to liquid
Heat of fusion
Energy needed to change liquid to gas
Heat of vapor
All made up of tiny particles that are in constant motion
Kinetic theory of matter
State of matter that only has a constant volume
Temperature where a solid changes to liquid
Melting point
SI unit of measure
The pressure applied to a fluid unchanged throughout the fluid
Pascals principle
High temperature state of matter that makes atoms lose their electrons
Amount of force per unit area
State of matter keeping a volume and shape
Direct change of from solid to gas or gas to solid
The increase in volume of matter as temperature goes up
Thermal expansion
Property of a liquid and describes how it pours

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