The authors of the four Gosples of the New Testament-Mattew,Mark,Luke,and John and disciples closely associated associated
The "good news",the story of the coming of the savior,Jesus Christ,and the inauguration of Gods Kingdom
A form of preaching used in the early Church that presumed an audience of unbelievablevers.
A word that means "teaching" that described oral teachings to those who had already accepted Jesus.
The public worship and communal worship of the church.
A groupe of writings about the life and teachings of Jesus that do not meet church criteria for inclusion in the New Testament canon.The term apocryphal means "hidden"
Apocryphal gospels
A heresy from the first Christian centuries that taught that Jesus shared secret information or knowledge with only a few people who were guaranteed salvation, It from ghosis,the Greek word for "knowledge"
The Gosples of Matthew,Mark,and Luke that have so many content in common that they are often studied side by side.The word comes from the Greek word for "to see together."
Synoptic Gosples
The study by scripture scholars to determine what sources the Gospel writers use to compose their works
Source criticism
A type of literary criticism used by scripture scholars that analyzes and compares different _ used in the Gosples.
Form criticism
A scholarly approach to the study of scripture that attempts to see how each of the Gospel wrighters edited,or relocated materials for that Gospels audience.
Redaction Criticism
Scripture study that looks to the various early manuscripts of the biblical text.
Textual Criticism
An approach to scripture analysis that tries to discover what evangelists really wanted to say when they wrote a particular text.
Historical Criticism
A Greek word that means witness referring to those who were put to death because of their religious beliefs.

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