a portion of a line which starts at a point and goes off in a particular direction
a line that has two endpoints
line segment
a dot that indicates location
a flat surface two dimensional surface
has no curves no thickness and extends in both direcrions
a angle that measures at exactly 90 degrees
right angle
a angle that measures 45 degrees
a angle that measures at 120 degrees
a property of measurement related to the unit of measure use
the length of how far two points are from each other
the middle of the line segment
two angles that when added together gives you 180 degrees
supplementary angle
two angles that when added together you 90 degrees
complementary angle
a pair of non adjacent angles formed when two lines intersect
two angles that have a common side and vertex
a pair of adjacent supplementary angles
linear pair
the same or similar
being cut into two equal parts
points that lie on the same plane
points that lie on the same line
boundless three dimensional that contains lines and planes
difference between actual measure and allowable measure
absolute error
the ratio of absolute error to the actual measure
relative error
a circle broke into 360 parts
the rays or faces of an angle

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