Citizens became terrified when communism and socialism brought this to the land
Red Scare
Citizens believed ________ could cause a higher risk of communism and socialism
Developer of the first mass produced automobile
Henry Ford
Producing large amounts of the same item at one time
Mass production
Lead to huge social changes in America by expanding suburbs, need for new roadways, and making travel more independent
Made gaining information on news, sporting events, and daily life easier
Brought out the word of performing arts and brought America big money
Born in 1901 in New Orleans, grew up to be known for playing the trumpet, singing, and being a comedian during the Harlem Renaissance
Louis Armstrong
First true American music, easy to recognize, but hard to define
Origins of jazz
"Poultry using rhythms of African-American music, particularly blues and jazz
Langston Hughes
First significant artistic movement in America birthed from African American culture
Harlem Renaissance
Songwriter and ragtime composer from Russia; White Christmas
Irving Berlin
Famous and popular music center located in New York City; 5th Avenue and 28th St.
Tin Pin Alley