cooperate with others to come up with as many possible solutions as you can. these are not final solutions. they are ideas to try.
Brainstorm Solution
To find an engineering design solution, you need to find out as much about the need as you can.
Conduct Research
The first step in the engineering design process is to select a need to address.
identify a need
Your prototype probably wont be perfect the first time, but you should be on the right track.
Test and Evaluate
Is the application of science for the real-world purposes.
Limitations or challenges.
Your prototype should be working model of your solution.
Build a Prototype
Is the application of science and mathematics to solve real-life problems.
Is a series of steps that engineering teams use to guide them as they solve problems.
Engineering Design Process
A test model.
which of your ideas do you want to try? Pick one, and plan how you want to try it.
Select a Solution
Is the act of giving up one advantage to keep another.
When your prototype is finished, you have designed a solution to your problem. Tell others how you did it!
Communicate Your Results
Make design changes to improve your model so that it better solves your problem.
Redesign to Improve