A small arms weapon, such as a rifle or pistol, from which a projectile is fired by gunpowder.
The person giving the orders at a shooting range.
Range Officer
The part of the gun you squeeze to fire
The end of the barrel from which the projectile will exit.
the object (such as a bullet or shell) that is shot from a weapon.
The carry in which you cradle the gun like you would a baby
cradle carry
The carry in which you wrap one hand near the trigger of the firearm, and the other near the muzzle of the firearm.
two hand carry
The gauge of a firearm.
The part of the gun in which you put the bullets.
The carry in which one hand is wrapped around the bottom of your firearm, and the muzzle is pointing down
trail carry
What you should always assume a gun is.
The part of the gun that you should observe.
What you are supposed to verify when handling a gun.
Feeding path