After Communism take over in Russia; this period people began to fear communism takeover in the leadership of America
Red Scare
Influential Jazz figure, song artist, famous for playing the trumpet
Louis Armstrong
Street where a collection of New York City music publishers and song writers who dominated the popular music in the Harlem Renaissance
Tin Pan Alley
Because communism spread in Asia and Eastern Europe led to
Immigrant Restriction
Production of large amounts led to cheaper prices and bigger companies
Mass production
American Industrialist development of the assembly line and fist car
Henry Ford
Jazz poet, very influential artist
Langston Hughes
Jazz artist, American Composer
Irving Berlin
This led to acting to become a career, gave people a place to relax, and created this huge industry
Led to wireless communication with news and music
Social and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem between the end of WWI and mid 1930s
Harlem Renaissance
This led to better roads, more people living outside of town, and better transportation
Type of government where there are no social classes and the government runs and owns everything