A tendency to attribute life to inanimate objects.
A distinctive characteristic of intuitive thinking.
Seen in the play of children who pretend that an empty box is a fort
Symbolic functioning
The idea that people created the world and everything in it.
A good example that significantly influence children's education.
Period, usually lasting 1 minute per year of age, that is considered an effective discipline technique
Time Out
Involuntary urination after the age at which bladder control should have been established.
Toys and play that can be a therapeutic value in retraining muscles, improving eye-hand coordination, and helping children crawl and walk,
Therapeutic play
Used for childen under stress by providing a well-equipped playroom.
Play therapy
Useful in communicating with children and adults using clay, paint, and other media.
Art therapy
Playing independently within a group.
Parallel Play
Playing in loosely associated groups.
Associative play
A type of thinking in which children have difficulty seeing any point of view other than their own.