Rocks from which minerals or metals can be extracted for profit.
This fossil fuel is in the form of a rock
The process of turning raw materials into finished products in a factory
Natural Resources such as rivers, lakes, glaciers, and groundwater are called
water resources
Energy resources formed in the earth's crust from plant and animal matter over millions of years are called
Fossil Fuels
This fossil fuel is in the form of a liquid
This fossil fuel is in the form of a gas
Natural gas
The bulk of our food production depends on this natural resource
Arable land
Resources that cannot be replaced are called
NonRenewable Resources
The practice of growing crops and livestock to produce food, fibre, and fuel is called
The process of extracting valuable metals and minerals from the earth's crust is called
Release of harmful stuff into the enviroment as a result of human activities is known as
Resources that are constantly replaced by nature and can be harvested indefinitely are called
Electricity produced by harnessing the energy of flowing water is known as
Power generated from harnessing wind energy through the use of wind mills and turbines is known as
Power generated by utilizing the heat stored beneath the earth surface is known as
The warming of the earth's atmosphere due to build-up of carbon dioxide and methane is known as the
Greenhouse effect
Is Biomass Renewable, or non Renewable?
Which one is Renewable: Natural Gas or Solar Energy?
Solar Energy
Coal, Crude oil and Natural gas are examples of:
Non-renewable resources