A unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring
Chromosome pairs one from each parent that are the same
Homologous chromosome
A mature haploid germ cell
Chromosome that determines the sex of an organism
Sex chromosome
Any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
Single set of unpaired chromosomes
To complete sets of chromosomes one from each parent
Type of cell division
Distinguishing quality or characteristic belonging to a person
Way to explore the genotype of an organism
Test cross
How the offspring of parents with similar characteristics sometimes have offspring with a different characteristics
Law of segregation
One of two or more alternative forms of a gene
Two of the same alleles
Genetic constitution of an individual organism
Physical characteristics
A gene that masks the effects of the recessive gene
A gene that is not tangible
Diagram that is used to predict the outcome of an offspring
punnett square
Type of genetic breeding experiments
Mono hybrid cross
Mating experiment between two organisms that are identically hybrid
Dihybrid cross
Random combinations of chromosomes in meiosis
Law of independent assortment
Likelihood of an event to occur
Homologous chromosomes pair up to exchange different segments of genetic material
Crossing over
DNA sequences that are close together on a chromosome
Genetic linkage
Organism that has inherited a recessive allele
A gene located in the sex chromosome
Sex linked genes
Intermediate inheritance where one allele is not completely paired
Incomplete dominance
Both alleles of a gene pair are neither dominant or recessive
Controlled by a group of nonallelic genes
Polygenic traits
Diagram showing the lineage of an individual

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