German dictator during world war 2
The day in World War Two on which allied forces invaded Northern France.
The army general and prime minister who led Japan through much of WWII
The state of being confined as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons.
The act that made the USA lend materials and their service to their Allies.
Helped with the atomic bomb.
The German dictator built many of these around Germany during the WWII to help get rid of Jews.
Concentration camps
A Japanese aircraft loaded with explosives and making a deliberate suicidal c ash on a target.
This battle was a naval air battle fought in WWII in which planes from American aircrafts blunted Japanese naval threat.
Excluded the Jews from German life and took some of their natural rights.
Nuremberg Laws
The code name given to the allied invasions of France scheduled for June 1944.
Operation overload
Russian leader during WWII.
Joseph Stalin
A military tactic designed to create disorganized among enemy forces through the use of mobile forces.
Was a senior officer of the United army who commanded the U.S seventh army in the Mediterranean
The 1st American volunteer group of the Chinese Air Force in 1941ー1945 was composed of pilots from U.S army
Flying tigers
Victory in Europe, May 8,1945
V-E Day
Women accepted for volunteer emergency service program
A class of midget submarine built for the Royal Navy during WWII
Formed in 1945 to increase political and economic cooperations among member countries
United Nations
A popular name of a group of African American military pilots
Tuskegee Airmen
A war fought in the late 1930's in Spain.
Spanish civil war
A fixed allowance of provisions or food especially for soldiers or sailors during a shortage.
British organization for the interception and reporting of German wireless "chatter" for intelligent purposes.
A United States naval base that was attacked by the Japanese.
Pearl Harbor
Merchant ship with concealed weapons owned by the Bristish to destroy.
A rigid airship named after the German Count Ferdinand Van