Having to do with the way people live together in communities.
having to do with structures and affairs of government, politics and its instutions, or politicians.
Having to do with the production, development, and mangement of material wealth of country, household, or business enterprise.
War between the North and South during 1861-1865.
Civil War
Era of rebuilding time for the United States after Civil War. (1865-1877)
_______of 1876 adopted the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.
Texas Constitution
Most Texans were originally from the South and had connections to friends and families there. Many of these Texans agreed with slavery though most did not hold slaves.
President of the United States during the Civil War; assassinated 1 week after the war ended.
Abraham Lincoln
Power reserved for the states rather than the states rather than the national government.
States RIghts
Withdraw; pull away from
Nothern states that wanted to abolish slavery.
Southern States that seceded to retain the slavery.
Tax on imported goods from other countries import; to bring in from another country.
Lincoln's decree that abolished slavery throughout the Confederacy.
Emanciapation Proclamation
Act that made men age 20-45 join the Confedrate army or the Union army.
Conscription Act
He assassinated (killed) President Lincoln.
John Wilkes Booth
June 19th, celebrated the ending of slavery; began in Galveston June 19, 1865.
Poeple reside on and farm land owned by a landlord.
Tenant Farming
Poeple farming another landowner's land for a share of the profit.
Established in 1865 by the national government to provide freed slaves food, shelter, medicine, and opened the first school for African American children.
Freedmen's Bureau
Laws passed in some southern states that encouraged segregation (separatin of races)
Jim Crow Laws
Recognized the right to vote among African American men.
15th Amendment
Extended citizenship and due process to all born within, or naturalized to the United States (incuding formerly-enslaved people and excluding Amerianc Indians.)
14th Amendment
This ammendment freed people in slavery.
13th ammendment