Who is the author of the book?
Jordan Sonnenblick
What instrument does Steven play?
What kind of cancer was Jeffrey diagnosed with?
When is the Spring Concert
April 4
Steven's little brother.
Who volunteered to tutor Steven in math?
Renee Albert
Who had the idea to make the Spring Concert into a fundraiser. To help pay the Alper's pay their bills?
Annette and Renee
Who's the main character
there are two Junior High students in the All-City Jazz Band. Steven and...
Everyone in the All-City Jazz Band has a nickname. What's Steven's nickname?
What's another reason why Annette and Renee made the Spring Concert into a fundraiser?
Community Service
What did Steven stop doing for a long time?(This is why he need a tutor)
School work
Which Alper was not happy at first about the idea of making the Spring Concert into a Fundraiser
Mr. Alper
What was Jeffrey making in the kitchen with Steven's first pair of special drum sticks?
Dangerous Pie
What was the girls name for the hospital that Jeffrey was at?

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