a game in which you use a stick to shoot a puck
el hockey
in water you race an opponent across the water
wearing gloves you try and knock out your opponent
bumping a ball across the net using forearms
much like baseball but using a wide paddle instead of a bat
using a bat hit a ball to score a homerun
in a race car race multiple opponents around a track
using a club hit a small ball across an open field to get it in a hole
craddle a ball is a stick and throw at an opposing teams goal
kick a ball into an opposing teams goal. feet only
run a ball up the field to the opposing teams end to score a touchdown
futbol americano
much like football but only passing backwards and no uquipment
hit a ball over the net using a racket
much like tennis but using a birdie
shoot an orange ball into a hoop
using hands throw a ball into opposing teams goal
using legs race an opponent a certain amount of distance
using a cue hit a small white ball into slightly larger colored and numbered balls to get them into pockets on the table
using a bow and arrow hit a target to score points
tiro al arco
almost exactly like baseball but a much bigger ball

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