Puzzles and worksheets similar to Bishop McCort Crusher Cheerleaders Crossword

about me Crossword


The two women that most inspire me
The date of the best day of my life
My Best Friend
worst thing ever to come into my life
My favorite food
The reason I want to do better
people that hurt me
People I hurt
My two favorite boys in my life
hold a grudge against
favorite color
name of my cat
what is my goal in life
What is holding me back
color of my eyes
what year was i born
number of kids i have
what do i long to be in this life
besides liquor my favorite drink is
what can i not stand
what do i absolutely love to do
My moms maiden name
My biological grandfathers name

KyRo & Sho Save The Unsiverse Crossword


How much I love you?
I think you're my ________ to believe in.
"I was looking for ___ in the f*** you're talking too" - Ghost
The first Oasis song I sent you that isn't "Wonderwall" & probably the last :)
The first song written, composed & performed by Adrian Jacob Barksdale about Kylie Ann Rowlett.
The self-given stage name/persona/alter-ego that is often perceived as hot-headed & fast spoken.
The stage persona, ladies man, rock star and guitar god himself.
Adrian Barksdale's former band before he was inspired by recovery and revelation in the year 2022 and went solo bringing him more happiness and success than ever imagined to him, his wife, and his countless fans.
The first outing you took me on out of town.
The man who I have always (and probably always will) proudly declare is my husband despite our lack of introduction entirely.
The song heard blaring from an approaching vehicle in downtown Philly that I've dedicated to you on more than one occasion and you me at least once. (hint: features drake my husband)
"...but you're a lot to lose for a _______."- Kyro
First artist we covered together.
Adrian's Idol.
Your tattoo reads ____.
Our daughter (Shhhh)
Our You tube Series
Our shared hometown.
Your best firend when I met you.
They're eating babies in H________.
The city we resided in when we lived in the cozy cardboard box.
First restaurant we met up at. hint: you were waiting on the arrival of your girlfriend at the time. 23) Hotdogs, The first food that you told me was your favorite.
Kyro & ShowTime's first ever, released, musical collaboration.
This was one of your favorite performance venue's before it was tragically torn down this year.
This was the name of the radio station you initially interviewed me for looking fine as hell.
The first ever Barksdale family outting I got to attend. hint: I recieved the invitation to this event as a Christmas gift in the December of 2020 from Eli and Caitlin.

Who <3's/ will miss Carly most! Crossword

Who <3's/ will miss  Carly most!  Crossword

What is my Zodiac sign?
Last name of the famous Carly I was named after?
Which restaurant did I get so full at, I had to step outside? (classic)
Color of my eyes?
Favorite musical artist?
Name of my childhood Orthodontist?
City I was born in?
Who did I play in the Classic Christmas Spaghetti Dinner Play for St. Jude's Church Choir?
What did I collect as a SUPER YOUNG kid?
College I graduated from?
Fill in the blank, once at age 3, I once threw up on a Disney ___? (my dad was proud)
What is the origin of my last name?
City I'm moving to in Florida?

About Me <3 Crossword


What is my first name?
What is my favorite drink?
What is my favorite food?
What is my last name?
What is my favorite anime?
What month did we start dating?
Take the day you asked me out and subtract that by the year you asked me out.
What is my favorite flower?
What's my favorite animal?
What's our song?
What is my favorite color besides black and white?
What is my eye color?
What is my hair color?
What state was I born in?
What is my zodiac sign?
How many languages am I fluent in?
What month was I born in?
Bucket List ->24-> last word

About me Crossword


The thing I wanted to be when I grow up in Grade 1
My first crush at Reddford
Then name I said was my 'middle name' when I was younger
My BTS bias
Which place did we go to to watch a movie?
Who did I have a crush on the longest
What is my favorite colour
When did I stop doing swimming lessons?
What can I sometimes be afraid of?
What is the third language I am learning?

Unit 1-6 word search Crossword


Everyone looks _________________ from way up here.
There were _________________ kinds of soups in the soup kitchen.
It was a ________, but it sounded real.
I had a _____________ of every bodies name.
I ____________ the work because it seems impossible. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
Why did we _________ the game? Now it is moved next month.
Joe had to _______ his answer to make it sound more clear and concise.
That ad was _______________ because that food in the ad tasted bad.
I _______________ my items to my new home. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
It was _______________ to me that my brother stole the cookies.
I ___________ the fact that I was a spy. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
You ______________ me when you said you didn't take the cheese. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
I like to _______ after school to chat with my friends.
The Atlantic Ocean is _______ compared to the island.
The ____________ ruler ruled all of north star.

you & me Crossword


My favorite color
My favorite animal
If I could pick one kind of food to pick, I would choose...
Our Anniversary
My basketball number (no cheating!)
I can travel anywhere, where do I go?
My middle name
My favorite holiday
We had our first kiss at..
The first movie we saw together was..
I want to teach..
We first held hands after we went to the...

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Custom made jacket crafted at speed, by a bird? Indeed. (6,5)
Cure to a panic attack. (3,4,2,4,4)
Zebras and tea could be quite tart. Remove top undergarment with an excited fart. (5)
Our lady (3,3)
Looks like my hair but will definitely get your calories up. (7)
All that’s left of these would make a terrible furry companion. Smothered in butter to start the day like a champion. (8)
The last thing I say before we drift away. (5,5,3)
Could be a small furry creature in danger but also a powerful chat with one born in a manger. (4)
A King before Jesus he may be but that’s totally gross and heard on TV. (2,5)
August 24th 2022 (7)
The women you love but have yet to see. The larger comes first as it always should be. (6,7)
What we do most when we snuggle close. (7)
The meal we love to eat but never cook. (8)
The Sound of Music? You are mistaken. Hold me tightly and I’ll do the making. (5,4)
My favourite colour of jacket (6)
My favourite animal (7)
Where we met. (15,6)
Two things that should never mix (9,7)
The thing that makes us different. (6)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy (4)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy. (4)

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

I like classical music
I worked at Krispy Kreme in High School
Favorite movie is Elf
Was born October 16th
Never had a hamburger
Has a matching tattoo with someone in the family
Ride around with passport application in car
Did modern dance & hip hop in college
Rejected opportunity to be in the spelling bee
Was born Nov 11th
Was born Nov 7th
Don’t drink white milk
I never had nails painted
I do not gamble
Failed GA History in middle school
I have 6 sisters and 1 brother
Worst XMAS present - Skates
I like Rock and Roll music
I play chess
I like anime
I do not have a favorite color

Christmas Jollity 2021 Crossword


He famously said ‘I think therefore I am’
Name of the dolls, Russian, of course
Greek hero classed as ‘tamer of horses’
What did Frank say he was, in ‘World on a String’?
The designer of King Minos' Labyrinth
The number of heads Cerberus had
They transformed into a laurel tree in Greek Mythology. Clue: they weren't a cute little chick
Santa's country of origin
Another name for Reindeer
The year the Republic of Yugoslavia ended
Famous sequence notably linked to patterns in nature and investments
A stick of this was placed in Rowan Atkinson's gift wrapping in Love Actually
The country was Mike Myers was born in.
The gang of people who used concrete shoes as a method of disposal of unwanted characters.
In order of release date, what was the 3rd Star Wars film
He bellowed, ‘Are you not entertained?!’ in the arena
A famous dance type originating in the 1920’s
Nationality of King Wenceslas
Strong green herbal liqueur - without a fairy
The stoic philosopher who said, ‘It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ clue: he had a nice pair.
Rough number of dog years to human years
The confectionery item Richard Nixon accidentally said he was.
The number of pieces of gingerbread used to make a classic gingerbread house.
Famous Champagne developer (surname) who was also a Monk