God's making known over time the mystery of himself and his divine plan
Divine Revelation
Jesus is the ____. God revealed himself most fully in Jesus.
Word of God
Supernatural gift and power from God.
Two words mean "Holy Writings," inspired by the Holy Spirit
Sacred Scripture
he Holy Spirit guiding human writers to communicate God's Word
Inspiration of the Bible
First five books of the Old Testament
The "Good News" of God's love revealed in the life, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
The one God who is three persons
Holy Trinity
Announcement to the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel that God has chosen her to be the mother of Jesus
Qualities of God that help us understand the mystery of God
Attributes of God
The name Jesus used for God the Father
Title for Jesus that says he is the Messiah (Savior)
A title for Jesus that states Jesus is truly God
The mystery of the Son of God becoming man
Jewish feast celebrating God's sparing Hebrew children from death and passage of His people from slavery to freedom
The "passing over" of Jesus from life through death: the Passion (Suffering), Resurrection and Ascension
Paschal Mystery
The rising of Jesus from the dead
A going up; return of Jesus to glory to his Father in heaven
Passing on of the teachings of Christ by the Church
Sacred Tradition
Graces or gifts given by the Holy Spirit to build up the Church for the good of all people
One who speaks up for someone. The Holy Spirit is the advocate Jesus promised would come.
The Body of Christ
One, holy, catholic, apostolic -- the four signs or essential qualities of the Church
Marks of the Church
All people and creation living in communion with God
Kingdom of God
All the faithful followers of Jesus
Communion of Saints
Seven main liturgical celebrations of the Church, given to us by Jesus Christ
The work of the Church
The cycle of seasons and feasts that make up the Church's year of worship
Liturgical year
Sacrament in which we become members of the Church
The blessed oil used in Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders
God's sharing His own life with us to help us do His work
Sacrament of Christmas initiation that strengthens graces of Baptism
During Confirmation, when he Bishop extends hands over candidates, asking God to pour out the Holy Spirit
Laying on of hands
Fruit of the Holy Spirit in which a person has a forgiving heart
Sacrament where we receive God's forgiveness
Penance and Reconciliation
Reconciliation/Penance and Anointing of the Sick
Sacraments of Healing
A virtue where we treat others as we want to be treated
a sacrament that strengthens our faith and hope when we are ill or dying
Anointing of the Sick
A virtue, a gift from God to help us know and believe him
Sacrament consecrating a man to serve the church
Holy Orders
A virtue that lets us see our value as children of God
Sacrament uniting two people to serve each other and the church
Virtue that lets us know what is good and choose to do it

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