What was the colloquial name of the first Porsche Turbo?
Where was Ferdinand Porsche born?
Who was the coachbuilder for the 914?
How many steel plates are in the Porsche Control Clutch housed in the 959 front differential?
What was the nickname of the Porsche 911 designer?
Which manufacturer objected to the original name given to what we now know as the 911?
The 968 CS was designed for those that wanted a more stripped down racer, but Porsche also produced a 968 Sport. Which country was the driving force behind this model?
The 935 won the World Championship for makes in 1976 & 77. What name was this car also known by?
Where were the first 356's built?
What did Ferdinand Porsche design in 1899 that is only now becoming mainstream?
What car won the Targa Florio in 1922?
Ferrari and Porsche have something in common. What is it?
Porsche contracted out the build of 356 bodies, then later bought out that part of the company. This company is still in operation. Name it.
For what business did Porsche design petrol tractors
Which was the first car ever sold in the USA with a passenger airbag as standard?
Porsche designed an engine for a motorcycle company. Who was it?
What part of an Airbus A300 did Porsche design?
Which Police Force used the 356?
After WWII, Ferdinand was arrested as a war criminal. Where was he first imprisoned?
What was Ferdinand Porsche's original nationality?
Which Porsche model is in the record books for towing a plane?
Originally, the 911 was called the 901. How many cars were built called 901?
In 1939 Porsche designed the 'fastest car on earth'. For which manufacturer?
Who is the longest serving Porsche works driver?
Which British driver won Porsche's first Le Mans 24 hour victory?
Porsche have now joined the electric car brigade. What is its model name?
Which was the last air cooled Porsche to be built?
Which famous tennis star had a 959?
What is the Porsche Cayman named after?
Ferdinand's son had an older sister. What was her name?
Which University did Ferdinand 'sneak' into to learn mechanical engineering and draughtsmanship?
Who owns a 968 of questionable colour?
What pub did our TIPEC branch use before The Plough?
How old was Ferry when he entered his first race?
Who tuned their 911/996 Turbo to sound like a bag of spanners but now has a GT3?
Who in the Club has never exceeded the speed limit?
What company make the best cars in the world?
What year was the 1,000,000th 911 produced? (Last 2 digits only)
Although not official, which company is recognized as THE after-market tuning company for Porsches?
Where will Christmas be held this year for our Club? (Provided lockdown is over)

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